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Regency Centers is committed to being an industry leader in sustainability and continually improving our performance. In line with this vision, we promise to pursue the following objectives:

  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations, ordinances and industry standards
  • Strive to reduce natural resource and energy consumption, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste
  • Publically disclose our sustainability policies, goals and performance
  • Engage with tenants, employees, local communities, suppliers and other stakeholders on key sustainability issues
  • Contribute to the betterment of our communities and uphold our values of honesty, integrity and fairness

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Green Building Certification

Since 2009, 63% of our development and redevelopments projects have sought LEED certification.1 We currently have 17 LEED registered projects, including seven that have received final certification, three in pre-development and seven that are currently under construction.

We have been a member of the U.S. green building council for eight years and have been in industry associations supporting sustainable design for retail properties.

*Excludes projects < $5 million.

LEED Certification  



Energy Efficiency

We have completed energy-efficiency projects at 28% of our shopping centers, reducing our energy consumption by over 10.2 million kilowatt hours since 2010.

We are participating in the Department of Energy (DOE) Commercial Building Alliance program to help speed market adoption of energy-saving technologies and define cost-effective solutions to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient retail buildings.

Energy Savings  



Water Conservation

We have implemented water management practices at 28% of our properties and reduced our water consumption by 509 million gallons since 2009. We have also increased our use of reclaimed and other sources of no potable water.

Energy Savings  



Waste Reduction

We have reused or recycled over 32,703 tons of Construction and Demolition (C&D) material since 2009.

Waste Reduction  



Renewable Energy

Our first solar energy system was installed at the Boston-area Shops at Saugus, generating 656,667 kilowatt hours of renewable energy since inception in 2011.


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