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For Developers/JV Partners

We know development. And we have the funds, retailers, local knowledge and experience needed to make it happen. We have what it takes to get your retail project across the finish line.

  • From financing to entitlements, construction, accounting, tax expertise and leasing – we've got you covered.
  • A proven track-record of development expertise, ranging from grocery-anchored and community centers to redevelopments.
  • We've built 216 retail centers since 2000.

Regency can add whatever is needed – capital, talent or expertise – to finish your project. Call us today.


Hear what our joint venture partners have said about Regency.


"It has been my privilege to partner with Regency on eight retail developments in the Northeast. Regency's development teams are experienced, conscientious, highly responsive and completely trustworthy professionals that understand the development process."

Jay Donegan


"Market at Colonnade is the second development project I have worked on with Regency. Three years after presenting a project to Whole Foods Market, I joined with Regency who successfully purchased the property within a year. It was only through the persistence of the Regency team that the project got done. The north Raleigh market is very competitive and this site fit Whole Foods' requirements perfectly. This development took a great deal of persistence and Regency Centers was the only company I met with enough vision and expertise to pull this together."

Jim Broemer
President, Welcor Development


"When we were trying to figure out how to get the momentum moving on the retail for Issaquah Highlands, we were looking for a development partner that could take ownership of this land and to have, not just the vision, and the reputation for getting things done, but also the financial resources and commitment to really drive something through in a time, like I mentioned, of economic uncertainty. It's not easy to find a development partner that can do that kind of thing, in this economy, that has the wherewithal to put together a project of this scale. Most developers are understandably kind of hunkering down and not taking the risks of this proportion, but Regency Centers is a major player in the region, and in the country, and we felt over a period of meetings and discussions that they were the ones that really had the ability to get this done. And they've proven that as we worked through a lot of really complex design, development, financial and other issues to get this started, (and) lease negotiations, to a point where they felt confident that they could move forward."

Rene Ancinas
President and Chief Executive Officer, Port Blakely Companies

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