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LEED® Silver – Roscoe Square


Chicago, IL
Mariano’s Fresh Market, Toys”R”Us/Babies”R”Us


  • 2011 full-scale redevelopment of a dark Dominick’s-anchored property into a vibrant center anchored by Toys”R”Us/Babies”R”Us and the first Mariano’s Fresh Market within the City of Chicago 
  • Received LEED Silver for center’s anchor Mariano’s Fresh Market, achieving Regency’s first green building certification of a redevelopment
  • Retrofitted 31-year-old center with a green roof and underground detention cistern to better manage stormwater runoff  
  • Building insulation, high-performance glazing and energy-efficient lighting strategies combine to reduce overall expected energy use by more than 20% compared to pre-redevelopment levels 
  • 70% of the expected core and shell electricity usage for two years has been offset with renewable energy certificates 
  • 223 tons, or 96%, of the construction and demolition debris generated during construction of the site and building shell was recycled; new materials used in construction were selected to maximize recycled content and regionally sourced materials

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