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Why Regency?

From choosing the land to getting entitlements to opening the doors, Regency has been doing it right since 1963.

Thriving Centers

  • 86% of portfolio is anchored by top grocers, including Whole Foods Market, Publix, Safeway, Kroger and Trader Joe's.
  • Grocer sales average more than $540 per square foot
  • 94% average center occupancy over the last five years
  • One million shoppers visit a Regency center each year

Quite simply, Regency's centers generate more shopper visits. This means greater sales and tax revenue.


Portfolio Strength

  • 328 centers totaling 43.3 million square feet nationwide
  • We are located in most major U.S. markets
  • 101,000 people live within three miles of a Regency center
  • $103,000 average HHI, significantly higher than the national average

Regency builds where you want to be.


Development Expertise

  • 214 shopping centers developed nationally
  • 6 projects currently under construction
  • Regency leaders average more than 30 years of experience
  • Earned perfect turnover scores from Target

For over 50 years, Regency has been known for well-built, well-merchandised and well-maintained centers. People like shopping in our centers.


The Perfect Partner

  • $200 million development capital annually
  • 212 shopping centers since 2000
  • The best professionals in development, construction and leasing
  • We know every aspect and intricacy of development

Regency can add what is needed - capital, talent or expertise - to finish your project.

Fresh Look

By taking a fresh look, Regency continually transforms and elevates our centers into thriving neighborhood gathering places that consumers prefer and talk about... learn more

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