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Rent Payment FAQs

What payment channels does Regency offer?
Regency allows you to pay your bill at the Payment Center website; via your email inbox through BillMail®; over the phone through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 1 800 259 3494 or by mailing your payment to a designated lockbox.
What is Payer Express?
Payer Express is the website used by our third-party vendor for Regency's Payment Center, where you can securely view and pay your bill online.
What information do I need to enroll?
You will need your tenant and lease numbers, which can be found on prior statements or by calling your property manager.
Does it cost anything to enroll in the Payment Center?
No. It is free to sign up.
How do I enroll?
From the Payment Center home page, enter your tenant and lease numbers in the Enroll section and click on the "Enroll" button. This will take you through the enrollment process, where you will be asked to provide basic contact information, choose your security settings, and enter the basic banking information that will be used to pay your bill. When you have completed the enrollment process, an activation email will be sent to you, which must be clicked to activate your account. Once your account has been activated, you can log in and start managing your account online.
Is my information secure?
Yes. Each Payment Center transaction is conducted over secure servers, and all sensitive data, including your bank account information, is encrypted. Your complete bank account information will never be displayed on the screen.
How do I view my statement and make a payment after I have enrolled?
Once logged in, select "Pay My Bills" on the main menu screen. On this screen the statement can be viewed by clicking the "View" link. To pay, click the box to the left of "Payment Amount." You can pay the full amount or type the amount you want to pay in the "Payment Amount" box. If the "Pay On" date is correct, click "Continue." You can change the date by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the "Pay On" box. Select the date on which you want to pay, then click "Continue." On the following page, verify the payment information, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click "Pay."
Will I be able to view bills from previous months?
Yes. Your previous bills are available to view and track via the Payment Center, allowing you to track past payments and compare current bills to previous bills.
Can I make an online payment without enrolling?
The Payment Center has a "Pay Now" option that allows you to make a payment without formally enrolling in the Payment Center; however, this option only provides a summary statement. To view a detailed statement you must enroll.
How do I setup a recurring payment?
Once logged in to the Payment Center, select "Add or Delete a Recurring Payment" on the main menu screen. After naming the recurring payment go to "Pay this Bill" and select the date you want your payment processed each month. The "Pay this Amount" box allows you to input the amount you want to pay each month. You will enter your bank account information at "Pay from this Account." The "Pay Until" box allows you to set the duration of an automatic payment or a specific date to stop making payments. If you would like to receive notification that your payment was processed, use the "Email Notification" box to click the "I Agree" and "Submit" buttons.
How will I know if a payment made through the Payment Center has been successfully processed?
Once you have completed a transaction via the Payment Center, you will receive an email from, informing you the payment is being processed, when it will be deducted from your bank account and when it will be posted to your account. The email will also provide a Transaction ID number, which can be used to track your payment, step-by-step, through the Payment Center website.
How do I update my Payment Center contact and financial account information?
To update your profile, log into the Payment Center and click on "Change My Account Profile." You will be asked to correctly answer two of the five security questions that you answered at your initial enrollment. The two questions that you answer will be randomly selected by the Payment Center. Upon successfully answering the security questions, your profile will appear, allowing you to make any necessary changes. Once you are finished and you save your profile, you will receive email notification confirming changes have been made to your account profile.
How do I update my Payment Center password?
In order to update your password, log in to the Payment Center and click on "Change My Password." You will need to enter your old password, your new password (twice), and correctly answer two of the five security questions created at your initial enrollment. The two questions will be randomly selected by the Payment Center. Once you have entered data in each of the required fields, click the "Change Information" button. A "Password Successfully Changed" message will appear on the screen confirming that your password has been successfully changed.
How do I reset my password if I have forgotten it?
At the login screen, type your "Login ID" and click the link "Password Help." At the next screen, type your "Login ID" and email address you used when you enrolled. You will receive a temporary password via email. Use the temporary password to log in. The system will prompt you to change your password. It will ask you to enter your old password (Note: The old password is the temporary password received with Password Help request).
What do I do if I forget my security answers?
Contact the Payer Express Hotline at 1 800 397 4136 (M-F 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. EST)
What do I do if I am locked out of my account?
Contact the Payer Express Hotline at 1 800 397 4136 (M-F 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. EST)
What is BillMail® and how do I enroll?
BillMail® is a secure and convenient way to view and pay your bill completely within an email. If you choose to receive your bill this way, you will receive an email from each month. To enroll, on the Enrollment page, click the "Yes" button next to the statement that reads, "Do you want to receive your bills via BillMail." Once your account has been activated, you will receive your bills via BillMail®, each time a new bill is available.

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