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Regency Centers Corporation’s Board of Directors and management understand that our long-term success is dependent upon maintaining best-in-class corporate governance. We have long maintained corporate governance guidelines, including a code of business conduct and ethics for our directors, officers and employees. We have worked diligently over the years to ensure that our governance practices are both appropriate and reflective of industry best practices. We will continue to be proactive in instituting, maintaining and monitoring the governance programs and processes necessary to protect shareholder value, our assets and our people.

Regency Centers ISS Quality Score

Governance Practices

  • Annual ethics and compliance training for all employees
  • Annual, company-wide risk assessment, covering fraud, bribery and corruption
  • Anonymous reporting of violations through company-wide AlertLine
  • Executive compensation clawback policy
Governance Documents

Corporate governance guidelines, code of business conduct and ethics, and other governance documents can be found here.