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Brooklyn Station on Riverside


SF: 52,266

The Brooklyn area is a reminder to our patrons that we have a city we should all be proud of.
John Valentino, Owner and CEO of Legacy Restaurant Group
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Brooklyn Station on Riverside Mural
The Fresh Market at Brooklyn Station on Riverside
Vintage Light Fixture and Bulb
Brooklyn Station on Riverside Signage

Jacksonville, FL

Expansive murals by local and recognized artists honor the neighborhood's historic and artistic culture.

Past Meets Present

Trolley cars that used to crisscross the Brooklyn Station area are commemorated by two building-high murals, painted by local artist David Nackashi.

The artwork honors the neighborhood's rich history as Jacksonville's "Commercial Street" in the early 1900's.

Streetcar Mural at Brooklyn Station on Riverside

Unique Concepts

Carefully selected retailers and restaurants offer customers one-of-a-kind experiences with products and services they won't find just anywhere.

The property gives the Jacksonville community a dry bar, a whole body cryogenic therapy studio, and a gourmet ice pop parlor, to name just a few of its best-in-class merchants.

The Hyppo Fruit Pops at Brooklyn Station on Riverside

Outdoor and Rooftop Space

A rooftop patio makes Brooklyn Station the place to go for a spectacular view of downtown, an outing that's singularly Jacksonville for visitors gathered at Burrito Gallery.

Burrito Gallery Rooftop Patio at Brooklyn Station on Riverside

Jacksonville Flair

Visitors come to the center for the best in local cuisine, popular retailers, high-end services, and upscale grocery shopping.

Retailers are selected to best serve Brooklyn Station's surrounding neighborhoods, and bring exciting options to the wider Jacksonville community.

Jacksonville Skyline

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