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Success Stories

Our development projects and nationwide properties are community gathering places. They bring merchants, shoppers and residents together to shop, dine and play.


Vernon Hills, IL


Featuring unique merchandising, outdoor gathering areas, and many "Instagrammable moments," Mellody Farm is Chicagoland's newest transformative shopping experience.


Chantilly, VA


Dynamic retailers and placemaking features, including an interactive lighting floor, abound.

LEED Silver Certified


Bridgewater, NJ


A vibrant mix of merchandising, placemaking, and architecture, in one of the wealthiest locations in the U.S.

Brea, CA


An outdoor amphitheater area is home to a $2.5 million public art piece, "Oasis" by artist Douglas Hollis.

LEED Silver Certified

Westlake Plaza Landscaping

Westlake Village, CA


Breezy walkways and lush outdoor gathering spots make the area feel like a friend's backyard patio.

Northgate Marketplace

Medford, OR


Unique and expansive destination in the Rogue Valley that covers 40 acres and a two-hour drive time.

Belmont Chase Outdoor Patio

Ashburn, VA


Unmatched architectural design gives visitors the feeling they're in a nouveau country estate.

LEED Silver Certified

Persimmon Place

Dublin, CA


A focus on easy access to quality food and health options celebrates the Bay Area's wholesome upscale culture.

LEED Gold Certified

Woman With Bike

Spring, TX


The community bike path leads into a neighborhood-focused center full of parks, shops, and patios.

LEED Certified

Colorful Mural

Jacksonville, FL


Expansive murals by local and recognized artists honor the neighborhood's historic and artistic culture.

CityLine Market

Richardson, TX


An active sidewalk scene encapsulates the life and energy of this amenity-rich metroplex.

Musicians on the Plaza

Issaquah, WA


Walkways and gathering places create a village where visitors can discover something new every day.

LEED Silver Certified

Whole Foods at Encina Grande

Walnut Creek, CA


A unified Craftsman style with outdoor dining and gathering spaces make this center a community hotspot.

Colonial Square Architecture

Wayzata, MN


Historic design combined with energy efficient finishings modernizes Colonial Square while preserving its history.

STARR Award Winner

Corepower Yoga Store

Atlanta, GA


Lush landscaping, open walkways, and high-end architecture make Brighten Park a community destination.

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