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Corporate Responsibility


Collage of three images. The first shows solar panels on top of one of Regency's Properties. The second shows a group of volunteers at a local charity. The third shows a group of officials at a ground breaking ceremony.

Statement of Purpose

For Regency, it always has, and always will, begin with our people.
They are the cornerstone of our company.


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Cover image for Regency’s 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report including title “Advancing a Sustainable Future” and the Regency Centers logo. The background is an aerial view of a Regency Center at the base of a small mountain at sunset.
Cover image for Regency’s 2021 TCFD Report including title “Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures,” January 2022, and the Regency Centers logo. The background is a view of a Regency Center in Los Angeles under a purple sunset.

Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Read Regency's 2021 TCFD Report

Regency's Approach to Corporate Responsibility

Regency's values, including the critical importance that we place on Corporate Responsibility, are the foundation of who we are and what we do. They drive us to implement leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives through our Corporate Responsibility Program. Our Program is built on four pillars and guided by our focus on three overarching concepts: long-term value creation, our Regency brand and reputation and the importance of maintaining our culture.


At a Glance

Graphic promoting 87% average annual employee engagement.
Graphic promoting 1.5 million dollars in contributions to support local communities.
Graphic promoting 9% reduction in like-for-like Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions.



Stakeholder Engagement

In order to successfully own, operate and develop high quality shopping centers, Regency Centers engages with a wide variety of stakeholders to thoughtfully consider their needs and feedback. Our stakeholders, both internal and external, are crucial to our success in achieving long-term value creation. Through our stakeholder engagement, we live our value that “we are better together”. When we listen to each other and our  customers, we will succeed together.


Graphic icon respresenting a bar graph

Shareholders, Bondholders and Lenders


  • Transparent information sharing via company filing, including enhanced operational results disclosure throughout the COVID pandemic

  • In 2020, met or spoke with shareholders representing over 60% of our common stock

  • One-on-one meetings, calls, and virtual property tours with individuals and institutions

  • Direct dialogue through quarterly earnings conference calls

  • Interactions facilitated via industry associations and self-side analyst conferences

Company goals and strategic objectives, performance and expectations. DEI, transparent disclosure, corporate governance, other ESG initiatives

Graphic icon representing people/employees



  • Enhanced virtual meetings and communications following transition of all ~450 employees to working from home in March of 2020, and subsequent office reopening on voluntary basis in June of 2020, including establishment of an internal employee COVID task force

  • Employee committees and focus groups on DEI initiatives and actions

  • Annual engagement surveys and review of results and feedback

  • Direct dialogue through employee review meetings, companywide town hall meetings and Q&A sessions with the Executive Committee

  • Formal reporting mechanisms to raise issues such as fraud, harassment, safety concerns, etc.

DEI, health and safety, employee engagement, benefits and compensation, career development and training

Graphic icon representing people talking

Co-investment Partners

Organizational Level

  • Dedicated Co-investment Portfolio Management Team

  • Proactive and regular one-on-one dialogue

  • Property tours, monthly financial calls, quarterly leasing calls, and annual meetings.

Property performance and expectations, ESG initiatives

Graphic icon representing a storefront


Asset Level

  • Extensive tenant resources made available during the COVID pandemic including a dedicated Tenant Resource Website, a "Social Distancing, Made Easier" campaign to generate awareness of our tenants' efforts to best serve their customers during the pandemic, and installationof onsite signage at properties to alert customers of open businesses

  • One-on-one contact with tennts performed by in-house Property Management team, including direct contact with all 8,000+ tenants at the onset of the COVID pandemic and thereafter

  • Direct feedback via regular tenant survey and focus groups

Tenant performance, tenant satisfaction, property maintenance, property health and safety, property efficiency and sustainable operations

Graphic icon represengint a family in a house



  • Partnered with multiple cities and local charities to provide food distritubion sites at our properties throughout the COVID pandemic

  • Matched employee COVID-related donations and volunteer hours

  • One-on-one dialogue with local and regional planning agencies, municipal boards, permitting authorities and community groups

  • Direct dialogue through open houses and town halls

Project-specific information, community interests and needs, curated merchandising, and placemaking



Understanding Stakeholders' Priorities

In 2020, Regency Centers undertook a materiality assessment to identify and understand what is most important to our stakeholders. This involved benchmarking material issues published by key stakeholders such as tenants and shareholders, as well as our peers. We also reviewed key topics raised through our stakeholder engagement and outreach, then discussed and prioritized these with key internal and external stakeholders.

This matrix presents the topics considered to have the greatest impact on Regency by our stakeholders and allows us to understand their priorities.

Regency Materiality Matrix

Measuring the impact of Corporate Responsibility Topics on Regency


Regency Materiality Matrix Graphic showing the impact of Corporate Responsibility Topics as determined by both Internal and External stakeholder perspectives. Topics Aligning Across All Four Pillars: 1) Long Term Value Creation. 2) Corporate Culture. 3) Brand & Reputation. Our People: 4) Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. 5) Talent Attraction & Retention. Our Communities: 6) Community Engagement. 7) Local Economic Impacts. 8) Tenant & Center Experience. Ethics & Governance: 9) Corporate Governance. 10) Business Continuity Management. Environmental Stewardship: 11) Sustainable Operations & Resource Efficiency. 12) Climate Related Risks & Opportunities. 3 and 6 (while still important) are the lowest in the range among internal and external stakeholders. 2, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12 are in the medium range of impact. 1, 4, 8, and 9 are among the higher impact area for internal and external stakeholders.



2020/21 Community Recognition

Corporate Responsibility Documents

We believe that transparency is in the best interest of our company and we are committed to expanding the scope of our sustainability reporting.

Corporate Responsibility Report Archive

2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

2017 Corporate Responsibility Report



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