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Corporate Responsibility

Children playing on lighted floor at shopping center.
Our values, including the critical importance that we place on corporate responsibility, have been and always will be the foundation of who we are and what we do.”
Martin E. “Hap” Stein, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Responsibility Report

Regency’s Corporate Responsibility Report illustrates the Company’s Core Values in action, approach to corporate responsibility and key environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

This report follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards framework and has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards Core option.

PDF cover that says Unequaled Advantages for a Better Tomorrow Regency Centers Corporate Responsibility Report with the Regency Centers logo next to a collage of photos showing a group of Regency Employes and CEO dressed in red and pink making a heart shape with their hands, a new Starbucks Coffee, a new Publix, a new Cava, a new Whole Foods, the outside of a Regency shopping center and an aerial view of another Regency shopping center.

Unequaled Advantages for a Better Tomorrow

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Regency Centers Values

Our People

Our people are our most fundamental asset. They are the best professionals in the business, and each one brings our unique culture to life through their actions.

A smiling woman with a paintbrush in hand surrounded by other people volunteering for a community paint project.

Our Communities

It is crucial that we better the communities where we operate, live and work by connecting our thriving shopping centers directly to our neighborhoods.

Santa Claus waiving to a gathered crowd of parents and children.

Ethics and Governance

We do what is right. As stewards of our investors’ capital we place great emphasis on integrity and transparency.

A woman dressed in business attire smiling at another woman.

Environmental Stewardship

Regency is committed to identifying and implementing sustainable business practices to minimize our environmental impact and position our assets for long-term success.

An aerial view of a Regency shopping center roof covered with solar panels.

Sustainability Reporting

For the past five years we have voluntarily participated in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), one of the most widely used sustainability disclosure frameworks for real estate companies. For the past three years, Regency has been awarded the Green Star designation from GRESB.

We believe that transparency is in the best interest of our company and we are committed to expanding the scope of our sustainability reporting.

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