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Persimmon Place


SF: 153,380

This center is a celebration of the Bay Area's wine and food culture.
Pete Knoedler, Senior Vice President of Investments
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Persimmon Place View of Shops and Outdoor Space
Nordstrom Rack and Other Retailers at Persimmon Place
Persimmon Place Store Signage
Persimmon Place Wine Tasting

Dublin, CA

Easy access to quality food and health options, celebrating the Bay Area's wholesome upscale culture.

LEED Gold Certified

Solar panels produce energy to power the center, while whirlybird lights run by windmills help reduce the center's overall energy consumption.

Strong adherence to sustainable best practices and use of sustainable materials conserves energy and reduces the center's impact on the environment.

Solar Panels at Persimmon Place

Practicality Meets Luxury

The center features unique landscaping and seating to create a contemporary lifestyle destination in a natural setting. Customers can take care of necessities while indulging their sense of whimsy.

High-end, health-driven retailers and restaurants offer visitors the best variety of all-natural and organic options. 

Persimmon Place Outdoor Space

Prime Location

Located in Dublin, CA, which has long been known as the crossroads of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The property's surrounding communities are well-educated, affluent, family-focused, and intensely in tune with the local culture and lifestyle.

Customers Talking and Working

A Bay Area Destination

The entertainment, dining, shopping, and events at Persimmon Place all offer an easy, engaging experience to fit the Bay Area lifestyle. Retailers are chosen based on the needs and culture of the surrounding communities.

Persimmon Place connects customers to the place where they live and shop, creating a gathering place for visitors around a unique collection of shops and restaurants.

Customers at Dinner

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