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Village at La Floresta


SF: 86,953

Residents wanted a place in their backyard that can be their local hangout.
David Wilhelm, Restauranteur
Village at La Floresta Amphitheater
Elaborate light display with ropes and hanging bulbs in a store.
Canned Drinks on the Beach
Fish and Brussels Sprouts Dish

Brea, CA

An outdoor amphitheater area is home to a $2.5 million public art piece, "Oasis" by artist Douglas Hollis.

LEED Silver Certified

The center offers a mix of lifestyle shopping needs in a walkable setting, reducing emissions and vehicle miles for nearby residents.

High-performance building design significantly reduces energy consumption, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Plum Pretty Storefront

One of Orange County's Most Significant Art Pieces

"Oasis," a $2.5 million public art sculpture by artist Douglas Hollis, connects past to future.

The sculpture's undulating pieces invoke the early days of settlement, as well as the future of sustainable energy.

Village at La Floresta Oasis Sculpture

An Outdoor Event Space

A tiered amphitheater makes a stunning gathering area for the community to listen to live music and enjoy an afternoon or evening outside.

Village at La Floresta Outdoor Space at Night

Lifestyle Fit

The Village at La Floresta makes grocery, entertainment, and other lifestyle options available to local residents all in the same spot. Retailers are chosen based on the needs of the surrounding community.

A centralized shopping and living space creates a stronger sense of connectivity for the neighborhoods that surround the property.

Fish and Brussels Sprouts Dish

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