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Our People

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The following are specific areas that Regency employees told us they value:
Increased Workplace Flexibility
Improved Frequent Communication
Employee Support

Talent Attraction and Retention

We understand the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent in order to build long-term value. We strive to provide an environment where our people are connected to their teams, passionate about what they do and supported to deliver their best efforts and results.

Our annual employee engagement survey provides an avenue for feedback that allows us to understand what we are doing right and importantly, what we could do better. In 2020, 90% of employees participated in our survey providing valuable insight into employee sentiment during a particularly challenging year. We are very proud that our efforts to transition to a remote work environment, remain connected and productive, and support each other through the global pandemic were reflected in an engagement score of 87%.

We are pleased that adherence to COVID safety protocols made a voluntary return to the office in 2020 as safe as possible. Our people know their safety is of utmost importance to us. In 2021, we will be continuing best practice safety protocols as more people return to the office. We will also introduce increased workplace flexibility measures to maintain, if not improve, our team’s passion and commitment to being the best in the business.

Training and development remain key elements of our approach to talent attraction and retention. Every eligible employee receives an annual review and career development discussion. Occupational education and training is provided to all employees so they can excel in their role. We also support further education and development and in 2020, Regency Centers provided reimbursement for tuition to 12 employees who have completed college courses to further their career goals. Our people are also supported to succeed through leadership and interpersonal skills training.


    2021 Goals


  • Maintain an average annual employee engagement score of 85% or greater
  • 100% of employees receive regular performance and career development reviews with support for training and other development opportunities
  • Maintain voluntary employee turnover at or below 15%

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"Our people are our most valuable resource. As we emerge from the pandemic and enter a new phase of working, we are designing a safe and inspiring workplace that attracts, supports and develops the best team in the business."

Amy D'Olimpio, SVP Human Resources

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In 2020, Regency Employees Participated In:

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Regency believes in protecting and advancing fundamental human rights. Our Human Rights Policy documents our support for the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and associated Principles and Guidelines. We have recently added to this public statement of our beliefs by developing and publishing policies prohibiting forced labor and modern slavery, and supporting freedom of association.

We are also committed to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment, where the value of a talented team with different backgrounds and experience is embraced. Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training is provided to all employees at orientation and annually thereafter.

In addition, we have been working to further social justice and advance DEI. While our workforce is 60% female, we know there is more we can do to increase female representation at senior levels as well as the overall numbers of underrepresented minorities throughout our business.

It is important that our team reflects the diversity in the neighborhoods our centers serve and the communities in which we live and work.

In 2020, we made the following strides in this regard:

Our CEO signed the Pledge for CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™

We have been working with a DEI advisor to develop and implement a DEI strategy and roadmap

An experienced DEI recruiting partner was engaged to assist with developing a robust program to recruit and retain ethnically diverse employees

An annual unconscious bias training program was commenced

Our employee-led ouRCommunities program provided support for social justice initiatives in our community


    2021 Goals


  • Maintain an inclusive workplace with opportunities for employees from diverse backgrounds and launch Employee Resource Groups

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Portrait of Lisa Palmer
"At Regency, we appreciate the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce. I am proud of the work we have done to encourage this and of the new initiatives we are implementing. Taking the CEO Pledge demonstrates my commitment, along with the entire Regency team to continue the focus on building an even more diverse and inclusive workplace within Regency."

Lisa Palmer, President and Chief Executive Officer

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In 2021, the implementation of our DEI strategy will include enhancing our partnership with the National Diversity Council and launching Employee Resource Groups to ensure our employees are actively involved in understanding and achieving our DEI goals. We will also enhance our reporting on DEI metrics including the results of our pay gap analyses. We are extremely proud to report that in 2020, our company-wide average gender pay gap was only 1.58%, down from 1.70% in 2019. This means that employees in effectively the same role earned about the same wage regardless of gender. We will continue to monitor and report on this annually to ensure transparency and drive equity.
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Health and Wellness

The health and safety of our team is paramount. In 2020, zero employees were injured in the workplace. In 2021, we will enhance our efforts to maintain this with a comprehensive training program for all employees, including training on how to work safely from home.

Wellness is also a priority for our people. Our Benefits Committee strives to provide a benefits package that is comprehensive and competitive, and thoughtfully designed to attract and retain the best in the business with allowances for parental leave and volunteer time off.

We aim to ensure our team has a balanced approach to work, and are enhancing our approach to flexible work arrangements as we prepare for our team to return to our offices. We also host an annual Health Fair and have a partnership that offers biometric screening and incentives, up to $1,000 per household, for employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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Regency's COVID Response

When the global pandemic was declared, the safety of our team came first with a strict “stay at home if sick” order, followed quickly by social distancing requirements, and ultimately transitioning all employees to work remotely. Crisis Management and Business Continuity teams met daily to ensure employees were supported to remain safe and productive. These teams also developed enhanced cleaning and distancing protocols to facilitate a safe and voluntary return to our offices in June 2020, including:

• Continued ‘stay at home if sick’ protocol

• Indoor mask requirement

• 6-foot distancing including strict occupancy limits in meeting rooms

• Contact tracing, when necessary

Our careful work to develop science-based protocols for our offices has kept, and will continue to keep, our people safe in the workplace.