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Our Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Our Corporate Responsibility program is built on four pillars: our people, our communities, ethics and governance, and environmental stewardship. It is guided by our focus on three overarching concepts: long-term value creation, the importance of maintaining and nurturing our culture and protecting and enhancing Regency’s brand and reputation. With these pillars in mind, we develop near-and long-term goals aligned with each to ensure that our ESG initiatives remain at the forefront of our business.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policies and Practices explain how our commitment to sustainability naturally flows from our Core Values and addresses our expectations and requirements with respect to key dimensions of sustainability.

ESG success and progress are the responsibility of our entire organization. Our overarching goal is to maintain the ESG leadership position by moving the needle on existing initiatives and implementing new ones to monitor overall progress and drive continuous improvement. As an extension to our Named Executive Officers' annual incentive program, starting in 2022, our ESG Reporting Team collaborated with our Sustainability Team to ensure that Regency’s Environmental objectives and performance were embedded in every Property Manager's year-end performance targets. These moves reflect the growing importance of individual contribution to, and responsibility for, the Company’s overall ESG performance.

Image showing the circular integration of Regency's corporate responsibility pillars.

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