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Our Communities

For 60 years, we’ve been a committed and active participant in the community.

2023 Highlights

~$1.7M Total Employee + Company Donations
3,000 Employee Community Volunteer Hours
$1,500 Average Employee Donation

Community Engagement

Giving — A Core Value at Regency

Circle chart showing giving by Regency Centers in 2023.

Creating Inclusive and Welcoming Spaces

Community Engagement

Connecting with our communities is an extension of our culture, and we are committed and active participants in the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play.

Supporting Local and Family-Owned Businesses

We have developed several ways to assist those in need, like by offering third-party mentorships and creating an award-winning guide to retail marketing best practices.

Community Environmental Partnership

We enhance our communities’ daily lives by conserving natural resources, supporting ecological awareness, and designing green spaces.

Membership Associations